We Need to Do Better!

When I accepted the opportunity to join Point of Care Decision Support (PCDS) last year, people were curious. Considering everything going on in healthcare today, why PCDS?

I could have reflected on all the positive reasons why it made so much sense:

  • The entrepreneurial spirit of the company.
  • The solid technology base of the solution.
  • The tremendous growth happening in the healthcare marketplace.

As exciting as all those points are, they are not why we pour our hearts and souls into this organization. I chose PCDS for one very good reason, and there is nothing objective about it. Quite simply, we need to do better. We need to work together with a common cause to build broad support for driving healthcare quality and patient engagement across the continuum of care.

  • Clinicians are working more hours than ever trying to provide thorough health care services.
  • More and more information is available on the internet for us to better understand our health and potential treatments, yet we still fall short of understanding what each of us truly needs to do on an individual basis to attain better health.
  • The healthcare sector is continuously innovating new treatment plans and medications to help us overcome chronic conditions that have eluded us in the past.

Path to Improved Population Health

So why isn’t this good enough? We can get better outcomes then we are today. With the technology and treatment plans available, people are still struggling to maintain and manage chronic health conditions. It is not because our clinical community isn’t professionally trained and committed. It is because we are failing that critical point where clinicians have the time to interact with their patients at the point of care.

  • We provide clinicians more data and information then ever before, but it isn’t always the right information, or they are missing some small point of critical data needed so that treatments are truly optimized based on the health of that patient, RIGHT NOW, at this moment in time.
  • Clinicians can provide information that helps patients understand treatment plans, but do they have the specific information they need to tell the patient what they need to do today, when they leave that doctor’s office and go home? We need to be so specific that we, as consumers of healthcare, can take on a greater responsibility for our own health and not just rely on clinicians to wave a magic wand and make us better. We need to actively engage in the management of our own health… and we are failing.
  • For those last two points to be effective, we need to understand the processes taken that help us feel better and consistently manage any chronic conditions. What can the clinician do different AND what can the patient do different? Not being passive, and suddenly realize, we are generally getting better, but specifically, what is the result of the treatment plan and how has it worked since my last appointment?

At PCDS, what drives us every day is a focus on solutions that make the path to improved population health real and measurable. RIGHT NOW and into the long term, we focus on our mission of the development, implementation and advocacy of providing evidence-based healthcare guidance – intelligently filtered, efficiently organized and easily shared. Additionally:

  • To provide Decision Support so as a patient, we know what we need to do to make this plan work for us, to improve our health.
  • To provide Decision Support so that treatment plans adjust to the dynamic reality that “life happens” and this impacts our health…treatment plans need to adjust to life.
  • And of course, all of this Decision Support has to happen at the point of care.

I don’t question my decision to join PCDS. I am incredibly blessed to work with team members who share the same passion, with industry professionals committed to improving healthcare in America, to our healthcare organization customers who share the vision of always raising the bar for improved patient health, for improved quality of care and of course to serve all of us, as consumers of care, with the information we need to actively and enthusiastically engage in the management of our own health.

Now that you know my passion for PCDS, our clients, partners and patients, I would like to continue our discussion and help all of us to continue to grow by sharing “what we ALL can do better”!

Our PCDS team of executives, clinical and healthcare software leaders, and advisers will share articles on best practices, industry challenges, decision support software and many other subjects that affect clinical support and improved population health. We will also have guest bloggers within the industry that are recognized thought leaders in their healthcare disciplines.

So, I encourage you to register to receive an email when we have a new blog post, and we also welcome and look forward to your comments, questions and continued discussion on what we are all passionate about in this evolving healthcare environment.

Topics: Patient Engagement, Industry Insight