Founder and Chief Architect


At the age of 8, Tim resolved to be an entrepreneur. At the age of 13, he discovered the creative power of computer programming when he received his first computer and learned his first programming language. For nearly 30 years since that day, Tim has passionately devoted his time to becoming a successful software engineer, owning his own company in his 20's with numerous clients since including Fortune 500 clients in banking, government and healthcare.


In 2010, Tim founded Point of Care Decision Support, where his successful dynamic clinical decision support platform offers healthcare professionals a solution for comprehensive individual patient care management and complex medication paradigms.  Tim's top priority is to continue to provide solutions that reduce overall patient chronic health risks, and he's determined to bring a different perspective to the medical apps field by combining validated evidence-based medical research with industry-standard best practices. With additional modalities in development, current PCDS solutions include asthma and anticoagulation.